iLuvBabies Photo Contest


Cutest baby photo contest

iLuvBabies organizes cutest baby photo contests, join, upload your kids photos and win exciting prizes including e-certificates.

Prize Distribution

iLubBabies organizes this contest and distrbutes prize to every winners of the contest including e-certificates

Voting System

Spam proof voting mechanism implemented to avoid any fake votes

Free Points

Earn free points for voting participants and also for more fun activities, and use it to vote more!

Get Featured

Every Participants will get featured on our social media pages

Cutest Baby Photo Contest

Join and Win exciting prizes by following two principles below.

Upload photo & share

Upload your babies favourite pic and share the participate link to your friends and relatives to vote for your kid.

Engage & add more votes

Engage on iluvbabies website daily and get more points for more activities, use to vote for your favourite kid, applies to everyone like your friends, relatives, they can vote more for your kid.


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